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Program (tentative)

Each presentation will be of 25 minutes duration, which include 5-minute question and discussion time.

Session1: Parallel Algorithms and Applications (8:20-10:00)

  • Chair: Jacir L. Bordim
  • Toru Fujita, Koji Nakano and Yasuaki Ito, Bulk GCD Computation Using a GPU to Break Weak RSA Keys
  • Meher Chaitanya and Kishore Kothapalli, A Simple Parallel Algorithm for Biconnected Components in Sparse Graphs
  • Marc Aurel Kiefer, Korbinian Molitorisz, Jochen Bieler and Walter F. Tichy, Parallelizing a Real-time Audio Application – A Case Study in Multithreaded Software Engineering
  • Ajay Kattepur and Manoj Nambiar, Performance Modeling of Multi-tiered Applications with Varying Service Demands

Break (10:00-10:30)

Session 2: Parallel Computing Systems (10:30-12:10)

  • Chair: Jacir L. Bordim
  • Abhishek Bansal, Sambhav Gupta and Turbo Majumder, Efficient Estimation of Non-Stationary Traffic Parameters on Networks-on-chip
  • Daniel Dauwe, Eric Jonardi, Ryan Friese, Sudeep Pasricha, Anthony Maciejewski, David Bader and Howard Siegel, A Methodology for Co-Location Aware Application Performance Modeling in Multicore Computing
  • Shounak Chakraborty, Shirshendu Das and Hemangee Kalpesh Kapoor, Performance constrained static energy reduction using way-sharing target-banks
  • (No-Show) Ke Gao and Zhi Yong Liu, Decoupling Contention with Victim Row-Buffer on Multicore Memory Systems

Lunch (12:10-13:20)

Session 3: Distributed Algorithms and Computing (13:20-15:00)

  • Chair: Yasuaki Ito
  • Manmohan Chaubey and Erik Saule, Replicated Data Placement for Uncertain Scheduling
  • Guillaume Aupy, Anne Benoit, Henri Casanova and Yves Robert, Scheduling computational workflows on failure-prone platforms
  • Nicolas Braud-Santoni, Swan Dubois, Mohamed-Hamza Kaaouachi and Franck Petit, A Generic Framework for Impossibility Results in Time-Varying Graphs
  • Ajoy K. Datta, Anissa Lamani, Lawrence Larmore and Franck Petit, Enabling Ring Exploration with Myopic Oblivious Robots

Break (15:00-15:30)

Session4: Wireless Networks and Distributed Systems (15:30-17:10)

  • Chair: Yasuaki Ito
  • Jian Tang, Mikel Larrea, Sergio Arévalo and Ernesto Jiménez, Implementing Uniform Reliable Broadcast in Anonymous Distributed Systems with Fair Lossy Channels
  • Min Shen, Ajay Kshemkalyani and Tayuan Hsu, Causal Consistency for Geo-Replicated Cloud Storage under Partial Replication
  • Lucas Costa, Lucas Saad, Jacir Bordim and Koji Nakano, Asterisk PBX Capacity Evaluation
  • Marcos Fagundes Caetano and Jacir Bordim, A Fair Randomized Contention Resolution Protocol for Wireless Nodes Without Collision Detection Capabilities
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