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Each presentation will be of 25 minutes duration, which include 5-minute question and discussion time.

Session 1 (8:00-10:05)

  • Chair: Shinichi Yamagiwa
  • Kazuya Tani, Daisuke Takafuji, Koji Nakano and Yasuaki Ito. Bulk Execution of Oblivious Algorithms on the Unified Memory Machine, with GPU Implementation
  • Satoshi Fujita, Minimum Set Cover of Sparsely Distributed Sensor Nodes by a Collection of Unit Disks
  • (NO-SHOW) Guangping Tang, Kenli Li and Keqin Li. A Hybrid Parallel Tridiagonal Solver on Multi-core Architectures
  • Atsushi Koike and Kunihiko Sadakane. A Novel Computational Model for GPUs with Application to I/O Optimal Sorting Algorithms
  • Xin Zhou, Yasuaki Ito and Koji Nakano. An Efficient Implementation of the Gradient-based Hough Transform using DSP blocks and block RAMs on the FPGA

Break (10:05-10:30)

Session 2 (10:30-12:35)

  • Chair: Koji Nakano
  • Guyue Wang, Shinichi Yamagiwa and Koichi Wada. Parallelism Extraction Algorithm from Stream-based Processing Flow Applying Spanning Tree
  • (NO-SHOW) Quan Chen, Long Zheng, Minyi Guo and Zhiyi Huang. EEWA: Energy-Efficient Workload-Aware Task Scheduling in Multi-core Architectures
  • Chunyan Wang, Shoichi Hirasawa, Hiroyuki Takizawa and Hiroaki Kobayashi. A Platform-Specific Code Smell Alert System for High Performance Computing Applications
  • Veronika Rehn-Sonigo, Jean-Marc Nicod and Anne Benoit. Optimizing Buffer Sizes for Pipeline Workflow Scheduling With Setup Times
  • Hatem El-Boghdadi. WECPAR: List Ranking Algorithm and Relative Computational Power

Lunch (12:35-13:30)

Session 3 (13:30-15:35)

  • Chair: Satoshi Fujita
  • George Bosilca, Aurelien Bouteiller, Thomas Herault, Yves Robert and Jack Dongarra. Assessing the impact of ABFT & Checkpoint composite strategies
  • Julien Herrmann, Loris Marchal and Yves Robert. Memory-aware list scheduling for hybrid platforms
  • Jocelyne Faddoul and Wendy MacCaull. A Parallel Framework for Handling Non-determinism with Expressive Description Logics
  • Martti Forsell, Jussi Roivainen and Ville Leppenen. Prototyping the MBTAC processor for the REPLICA CMP
  • Jens Breitbart, Mareike Schmidtobreick and Vincent Heuveline. Evaluation of the Global Address Space Programming Interface (GASPI)

Break (15:35-16:00)

Session 4 (16:00-18:05)

  • Chair: Martti Forsell
  • (NO-SHOW) Chong Li and Gaetan Hains. GPS: Towards Simplified Communication on SGL Model
  • Gokarna Sharma, Hari Krishnan, Costas Busch and Steven Brandt. Near-Optimal Location Tracking Using Sensor Networks
  • Yihua Ding, James Wang and Pradip Srimani. Self-Stabilizing Algorithm for Maximal 2-packing with Safe Convergence in an Arbitrary Graph
  • Mario Alberto Chapa Martell and Sato Hiroyuki. A Linear Performance-Breakdown Model for GPU Programming Optimization Guidance
  • Munara Tolubaeva, Yonghong Yan and Barbara Chapman. Predicting Cache Contention for Multithread Applications at Compile Time
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