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IPDPS-APDCM Program: May 30, 2022 (tentative)

Time Zones

  • JST: UTC+9

Opening (19:45PM(JST),12:45PM(CEST),10:45PM(UTC),6:45AM(EDT),3:45AM(PDT))

Keynote (20:00PM(JST),13:00PM(CEST),11:00PM(UTC),7:00AM(EDT),4:00AM(PDT))

  • 60 min
  • Chair: Koji Nakano
  • Thorsten Koch, Daniel Rehfeldt, Yuji Shinano (ZIB)
  • Title: Solving QUBOs on Digital and Quantum Computers
  • Abstract: Combinatorial Optimization searches for an optimum object in a finite but usually vast collection of objects. This can be used for many practical purposes, like efficient allocation of limited resources, network planning, and hundreds of other applications in almost all fields, e.g., finance, production, scheduling, and inventory control. However, many combinatorial optimization problems are known to be NP-hard, which is often translated simplistically as “intractable.” It is regularly claimed that quantum computers will bring breakthrough progress in solving such challenging combinatorial optimization problems relevant in practice. In particular, Quadratic Unconstraint Binary Optimization (QUBO) problems are said to be the model of choice for use in (adiabatic) quantum systems. We explain some of the meaning and implications, review the state of affairs, and give some computational results to underpin our conclusions.

break (21:00PM(JST),14:00PM(CEST),12:00PM(UTC),8:00AM(EDT),5:00AM(PDT))

  • 5min

Session 1 (21:05PM(JST),14:05PM(CEST),12:05PM(UTC),8:05AM(EDT),5:05AM(PDT))

  • 60 min
  • Chair: Jacir L. Bordim
  • APC-SCA: A Fully-Parallel Annealing Algorithm with Autonomous Pinning Effect Control, Daiki Okonogi, Satoru Jimbo, Kota Ando, Thiem Van Chu, Jaehoon Yu, Masato Motomura and Kazushi Kawamura
  • Practical Effectiveness of Quantum Annealing for Shift Scheduling Problem, Natsuki Hamada, Kazuhiro Saito and Hideyuki Kawashima
  • Graph-theoretic Formulation of QUBO for Scalable Local Search on GPUs, Ryota Yasudo, Koji Nakano, Yasuaki Ito, Yuya Kawamata, Ryota Katsuki, Shiro Ozaki, Takashi Yazane and Kenichiro Hamano
  • Performance Evaluations of Noisy Approximate Quantum Fourier Arithmetic, Robert Basili, Wenyang Qian, Shuo Tang, Austin Castellino, Mary Eshaghian-Wilner, James Vary, Glenn Luecke and Ashfaq Khokhar

break (22:05PM(JST),15:05PM(CEST),13:05PM(UTC),9:05AM(EDT),6:05AM(PDT))

  • 5min

Session 2 (22:10PM(JST),15:10PM(CEST),13:10PM(UTC),9:10AM(EDT),6:10AM(PDT))

  • 60 min
  • Chair: Jacir L. Bordim
  • Performance Evaluation of Data Transfer API for Rank Level Approximate Computing on HPC Systems, Yoshiyuki Morie, Yasutaka Wada, Ryohei Kobayashi and Ryuichi Sakamoto
  • Arm meets Cloud: A Case Study of MPI Library Performance on AWS Arm-based HPC Cloud with Elastic Fabric Adapter, Shulei Xu, Aamir Shafi, Hari Subramoni and Dhabaleswar Panda
  • Aspect-Oriented Programming based building block platform to construct Domain-Specific Language for HPC application, Osamu Ishimura and Yoshihide Yoshimoto
  • Optimizing Non-commutative Allreduce Over Virtualized, Migratable MPI Ranks Sam White and Laxmikant Kale

break (23:10PM(JST),16:10PM(CEST),14:10PM(UTC),10:10AM(EDT),7:10AM(PDT))

  • 5min

Session 3 (23:15PM(JST),16:15PM(CEST),14:15PM(UTC),10:15AM(EDT),7:15AM(PDT))

  • 60 min
  • Chair: Jacir L. Bordim
  • Modeling Memory Contention between Communications and Computations in Distributed HPC Systems, Alexandre Denis, Emmanuel Jeannot and Philippe Swartvagher
  • Fully Dynamic Line Maintenance by Hybrid Programmable Matter, Nooshin Nokhanji, Paola Flocchini and Nicola Santoro
  • Integer Sum Reduction with OpenMP on an AMD MI100 GPU, Zheming Jin
  • Optimal Triangulation on the High Bandwidth Memory Model, Koji Nakano and Victor Poupet

Award Ceremony and Concluding Remarks (24:15AM(JST),17:15PM(CEST),15:15PM(UTC),11:15AM(EDT),8:15AM(PDT))

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