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APDCM 2009 Program (Tentative)

This is the old version. See the new program program2009

May 25th, Monday, 2009

Aurelia Convention Centre, Rome, Italy

Session 1: 8:40-10:00 (80 min) : Chair Koij Nakano
  • Graph Orientation to Maximize the Minimum Weighted Outdegree, Y. Asahiro, J. Jansson, E. Miyano, H. Ono
  • Distributed Selfish Bin Packing, F. K. Miyazawa, A. L. Vignatti
  • Self-Stabilizing k-out-of-k Exclusion on Tree Networks, A. K. Datta, S. Devismes, F. Horn, L. L. Larmore
  • Combining Multiple Heuristics on Discrete Resources, M. Bougeret, P.-F. Dutot, A. Goldman, Y. Ngoko, D. Trystram
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break
Session 2: 10:30-11:50 (80 min): Chair Wei Sun
  • New Implementation of a BSP Composition Primitive with Application to the Implementation of Algorithmic Skeletons, F. Gava and I. Garnier
  • Analytical Model of Inter-Node Communication under Multi-versioned Coherence Mechanisms, S. Sasaki and A. Tanaka
  • Performance Study of Interference on Sharing GPU and CPU Resources with Multiple Applications, S. Yamagiwa and K. Wada
  • Filter Pacement on a Pipelined Architecture, A. Benoit and F. Dufosse and Y. Robert
11:50-13:20 Lunch
Session 3: 13:20-15:00 (100 min): Chair Jacir L. Bordim
  • KEYNOTE: On-Line Algorithms for Mobility Mamagement, Albert Zomaya (The University of Sydney) (60 min)
  • Deciding Model of Population Size in Time-Constrained Task Scheduling, W. Sun
  • Uniform Scattering of Autonomous Mobile Robots in a Grid, L. Barriere, P. Flocchini, E. M.-Barrameda, N. Santoro
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break
Session 4: 15:30-16:50 (80 min) : Chair Akihiro Fujiwara
  • Resource Allocation Strategies for Constructive In-Network Stream Processing, A. Benoit and H. Casanova, V. R.-Sonigo, Y. Robert
  • Crosstalk-Free Mapping of Two-dimensional Weak Tori on Optical Slab Waveguides, H.M.El Boghdadi
  • Improving Accuracy of Host Load Predictions on Computation Grids by Artificial Neural Networks, T. V. T. Duy, Y. Sato, Y. Inoguchi
  • Table-based Method for Reconfigurable Function Evaluation, M. S. S. Pont, H. M. Mora, J. M. G. Chamizo, G. de M. Casado
16:50-17:10 Break
Session 5: 17:10-18:30 (80 min) : Chair Shinichi Yamagiwa
  • Predictive Analysis and Optimisation of Pipelined Wavefront Computations, G. R. Mudalige, S. D. Hammond, J. A. Smith, S.A. Jarvis
  • A Distributed Approach for the Problem of Routing and Wavelength Assignment in WDM Networks, S. C. Chaga, E. H. Cayo, K. Nakano, J. L. Bordim
  • Computation with a Constant Number of Steps in Membrane Computing, A. Fujiwara and T. Tateishi
  • RSA Encryption and Decription using the Redundant Number System on the FPGA, K. Nakano, K. Kawakami, K. Shigemoto

All presentation will be of 20 minutes duration, which includes a 15-minute presentation and 5-minute question and discussion time.

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