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Accepted Papers

  • Final Manuscript due: March 15
  • Registration due: March 20 March 27
  • Author Resources: Please see IPDPSW AUTHORS (Workshops) section of IPDPS Author Resource Page for final manuscript submission and registration
  • Please use Paper-ID: “APDCM-??” below when you submit the final manuscript to the submission site above.
Paper ID Title Regular/Short
APDCM-01 Keynote and Invited Paper: On the Cost-Optimal Parallel Solution of the Majority Problem Short
APDCM-02Toward a Modular Workflow for Network Performance CharacterizationShort
APDCM-03Implementing An Outsourced Dual-Proxy Signing and Decryption Scheme in Mobile Cloud ComputingRegular
APDCM-04Solving Distance-constrained Labeling via TSPRegular
APDCM-05Improving SYCL Portability for Pseudorandom Number Generation: a Case Study with Gene-Expression Connectivity MappingShort
APDCM-06In-Depth Evaluation of a Lower-Level Direct-Verbs API on InfiniBand-based Clusters: Early ExperiencesRegular
APDCM-07Diverse Adaptive Bulk Search: a Framework for Solving QUBO Problems on Multiple GPUsRegular
APDCM-08Making Lock Manager Concurrent for Deterministic DatabaseShort
APDCM-09A High-dimensional Algorithm-Based Fault Tolerance SchemeShort
APDCM-10Error-bounded Scalable Parallel Tensor Train DecompositionRegular
APDCM-11A Domain-Specific Language for Reconfigurable, Distributed Software ArchitectureRegular
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