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Accepted Papers

Paper ID Title Regular/Short
APDCM-01Modeling Memory Contention between Communications and Computations in Distributed HPC Systems REGULAR
APDCM-02Performance Evaluations of Noisy Approximate Quantum Fourier ArithmeticREGULAR
APDCM-03APC-SCA: A Fully-Parallel Annealing Algorithm with Autonomous Pinning Effect ControlREGULAR
APDCM-04Arm meets Cloud: A Case Study of MPI Library Performance on AWS Arm-based HPC Cloud with Elastic Fabric AdapterREGULAR
APDCM-05Graph-theoretic Formulation of QUBO for Scalable Local Search on GPUs REGULAR
APDCM-06Aspect-Oriented Programming based building block platform to construct Domain-Specific Language for HPC applicationREGULAR
APDCM-07Optimizing Non-commutative Allreduce Over Virtualized, Migratable MPI RanksREGULAR
APDCM-08Fully Dynamic Line Maintenance by Hybrid Programmable MatterREGULAR
APDCM-09Optimal Triangulation on the High Bandwidth Memory ModelREGULAR
APDCM-10Performance Evaluation of Data Transfer API for Rank Level Approximate Computing on HPC SystemsSHORT
APDCM-11Practical Effectiveness of Quantum Annealing for Shift Scheduling ProblemSHORT
APDCM-12Integer Sum Reduction with OpenMP on an AMD MI100 GPUSHORT
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